ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy

1:1 Therapy

ABA Therapy provides direct 1:1 therapy with experienced therapists. Florida ABA Therapy, LLC targets skill acquisition while reducing problematic behavior to improve overall quality of life. ABA Therapy provides services at the following locations: Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and Fort Walton Beach

Feeding Clinics

ABA therapy strives to improve health by increasing food compliance to ensure a well balanced diet.

Sleep Training

ABA therapy helps establish healthy nighttime routines.

Communication Development

ABA therapy aims to replace challenging behavior with appropriate communication skills.

Daily Living Skills

ABA therapy assist in improving your child’s independence in skills needed throughout their daily living. Some examples of daily living skills include utensil use, toothbrushing, dressing, cleaning, cooking, shopping, bathing, etc.

Social Skills

ABA therapy teaches important social skills to help them interact and communicate more effectively with their peers.

Play Skills

Development of appropriate play skills includes functional use of toy, imaginative play, cause/effect play, and much more.

Parent Training

Providing training to parent’s, caretakers, and families on interventions, methods and protocols to be successful outside of therapy.

Challenging Behavior Reduction

ABA therapy aims to reduce challenging behavior through the development of an individualized behavior plan.