• About Florida ABA Therapy LLC

    About Florida ABA Therapy LLC

    Applied Behavior Analysis

    Applied Behavior Analysis is a research based intervention proven to effectively improve the quality of an individual's life through the use of reinforcement, environmental modifications, prompting, and consequence strategies.

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    We work to see progress made, barriers broken down, and challenges overcome.


    April Groeneweg, M.S., BCBA

    April Groeneweg obtained her MS at South Dakota State University. She spent 10 years specializing in a residential treatment facility which contained a hospital, school, and living area for children and teens with special needs. April moved to South Carolina to gain experience in clinic based ABA services where she served as the clinical director for 5 years. Her family relocated to Gulf Breeze, Florida in June 2020 where she directed clinics performing ABA services for the past 2 years. She has enjoyed 20 years serving children and teenagers with special needs.


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