• FAQs


    What is ABA therapy?

    ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis which is a form of therapy to improve a child’s communication, social skills, daily living skills, and reduce difficult behaviors.

    How will ABA help my child?

    ABA will assist your child in communicating more effectively, interacting with their peers easier, completing daily living skills with less assistance, and engaging in less difficult behavior.  

    When is the best time to start ABA therapy?

    Beginning ABA therapy at the earliest time possible is the best time to start therapy.  This allows the child to catch up to their peers as fast as possible.  

    Does my child have to have an Autism diagnosis to receive ABA services?

    No.  If your child does not have a current Autism diagnosis, you can still receive ABA therapy through our private pay options.

    What qualifications/certifications do your employees have?

    Every therapist is certified to perform ABA therapy as a Registered Behavior Technician, Qualified Autism Service Provider, or Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

    What is the age range you provide services for?

    We provide services for any child ages 1 to 18 years of age.

    Do you offer parent training?

    Absolutely.  We recommend parent training occur at least twice a month to help skills generalize into the home setting.

    Who should I contact if I have other questions?

    You can email our Executive Director at april.groeneweg@flabatherapy.com or our Administrative Director at chris.parker@flabatherapy.com

    Are ABA services covered under my insurance?

    Most ABA services are covered by commercial insurances with a current Autism diagnosis.

    Are you in-network with any insurance providers?

    We are currently in-network providers with BCBS, Cigna, Beacon, and Tricare.